• Specialized training for law enforcement and protective service.
  • Case consultation, interview review, testifying in court.
  • Support of Multidisciplinary Teams to staff child abuse cases.
  • Law enforcement and DHS caseworker interactive peer review of child abuse interviews.
  • Development of specialized protocols for child abuse cases.
  • Jackson County's response to Karly's Law implementation.
  • Specialized training involving High Tech Crimes unit, photo documentation.
  • Special needs, DEC, interviews


  • Year long supportive experience
  • Various programs for preteens, teen girls, and boys group.
  • Teaches self-esteem, confidence and self-worth
  • Morale building experiences
  • Trained mentors and on-hand staff


  • Safe, Caring, Stress-free Environment
  • Therapy Style Assessment
  • Professional Therapists, trained to aid in the healing process of children
  • Jack the thearpy dog

Technical Assistance

  • Advocacy Center development and program management.
  • Community education on child abuse issues.
  • Community partnering to combat child abuse.
  • Client tracking and statistical collections.
  • Development of on-site therapy programs and support groups for victims and families.


  • Recruitment and training of medical personnel for child abuse examinations.
  • Education on medical aspects of child abuse.
  • Medical case consultation via telemedical (computer) and phone.
  • Peer review of Medical exam findings.
  • Expert Witness testimony and training for prosecution of child abuse cases.
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